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Color grading or colour painting, is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image either electronically, photo-chemically or digitally. The photo-chemical process is also referred to as color timing and is typically performed at a photographic laboratory. Modern color correction, whether for theatrical film, video distribution, or print is generally done digitally in a color suite. Considering such achievements in digital imaging, the artist has the ability to "paint" the image, thus the names "colorist" or "color painter" have become most applicable.


Some of the main functions of electronic (digital) color grading:

  • Reproduce accurately what was shot
  • Compensate for variations in the material (i.e. film errors, white balance, varying lighting conditions)
  • Optimize transfer for use of special effects
  • Establish a desired 'look'
  • Enhance and/or alter the mood of a scene
  • Motion Tracking


  • Software like Synthetic Aperture's Color Finesse runs as a plugin in host applications like Apple's Final Cut Pro, Adobe's After Effects and Premiere
  • Magic Bullet Colorista II
  • The Grading Sweet is a package of specialized Color Grading plugins for Apple's Final Cut Pro
  • Sony Vegas has many built-in filters, as well as third-party plugins, which can provide professional quality color grading
  • Apple Final Cut Studio 2 Contains Apple Color [4] which is a dedicated software application for color grading
  • Da Vinci Systems Resolve is a high-end color-grading system
  • Bones Dailies by Digital Film Technology
  • Mistika (SGO) is a powerful color grading suite