film budgeting services

Budgeting is considered to be a very valuable phase in the filmmaking process, and is often thought of as boring but how a budget is constructed can be one of the most creative aspects of the filmmaking process. Filmmakers construct a rough or preliminary budget at the time of script development in order to obtain the go ahead commonly referred to as the “green light” from film producers and studios.

A truly detailed budget is constructed during the pre-production phase and is generally used to obtain financing. OLA Pictures film budgeting services are listed below and can be completed in both the script development and pre-productions stages of the films conception.

Above-the-line (creative talent)

Below-the-line (direct production costs)

Post Production (editing, visual effects, etc.)

Other (insurance, completion bond, etc.)

Tactics for cutting costs

Defining budget elements

Using budget as marketing tool

Dealing with exceeding budget